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Request Destruction Services


A. Material is picked up from Penn Records Management secured facilities in enclosed vehicles and delivered to Dalton Enterprises Inc. Anaheim facility that provides certified document destruction.
B. Upon delivery, the boxes are weighed, then dumped and baled within 24 hrs. The bales are placed in sealed containers for delivery to a domestic paper mill for pulping.
C. Dalton Enterprises Inc. unloads materials inside its secure facility that is monitored by security cameras and video taped 24 hrs. a day. The tapes are kept for 30 days. Clients may inspect facilities during the course of business hours, from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday.
D. Dalton Enterprises Inc guarantees that the material has been completely destroyed and material has not been handled excessively, tampered with, nor read by anyone or by machine.
E. Upon request, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued.
F. When shredding services are needed as opposed to pulping, additional charges will apply.


Written instructions on client’s letterhead with an authorized signature are required for stored material to be destroyed.  A Certificate of Destruction will be sent with the monthly invoice. Unless specified all material is destroyed by the RECYCLING PROCESS.  When shredding services are needed as opposed to the recycling process, additional charges will apply.  Client needs to specify destruction by SHREDDING.    

Penn REQUIRES all boxes to be destroyed identified by barcode number in order to safeguard the integrity of your boxes.  To assist you, Penn Records Management will provide an electronic excel listing of all of your boxes in storage.  Please identify the boxes to be destroyed & return list in an excel format.  Only the boxes to be destroyed shall be on this list as the barcode number is imported directly to the Destruction Work Order to ensure accuracy. If you are destroying less than 25 boxes, the barcodes can be listed with the Authorization Letter.

When more than 50% of your account or over 300 boxes are being destroyed, services must be prepaid.  Penn will begin to pull the boxes when payment has been received.  Storage charges are for 30 days from the receipt of payment.


To close an account, a thirty (30) day written notice with an authorized signature must be received by Penn Records Management.  A final invoice will be prepared & sent to client.  When final payment has been received including all past due charges, all stored material will be pulled. Penn Records Management requires 10 working days from time of payment in the same month to pull up to 400 boxes. Additional time will be specified for larger quantities. If receipt of payment does not meet the specified time frame, storage charges will accrue in monthly increments until such time payment is received.

If more than 50% of storage base is requested out, then permout charges will apply as we will consider the account is closing. All current charges must be prepaid before boxes are released.