A Word About Boxes

In order to protect the vital documents stored in your boxes & avoid unwanted expenses, the quality of the box you choose for long term storage is very important. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Boxes with lids that measure an inch or less are not designed to be stacked and will crush over a period of time necessitating the need to purchase a new box and repack.
  • Boxes packed with the metal of the file folder overhanging the sidewall of the box will begin to crush the sidewall making it unstackable necessitating purchasing a new box & repacking.
  • Boxes with sharp metal edges exposed will not be accepted due to the handling hazards.
  • It is advisable to lay binders flat inside a box to avoid bulging lids. Boxes that bulge or have lids that do not sit tight on the box will be charged extra storage for the next size up as they take up more space on the shelf.
  • Please have your boxes bar-coded with the required accompanying transmittal ready before the driver arrives. A wait time will be charged or possibly a return trip charge if his schedule does not allow for him to wait.
  • Transmittal forms are required in order to verify the box and description information to be added to our database. This form can be manual or an excel spreadsheet.

Thank you for your attention to these guidelines so that we can continue to build business relationships with our clients based on quality service & trust.