The Penn Advantage

The Penn Advantage

Many companies looking for a more cost-effective solution than a self storage unit or expensive office space for storing their valued business documents are not familiar with the services offered by a records management provider. Penn Records Management works with you to setup a records retention program that is right for your company – from the simple to the multi-leveled.

We recognize that one of the first steps to establishing a business relationship based on quality service and trust is to communicate clearly all fees associated with services performed. For this reason we quote per box and not per cubic ft. We clearly state our fees with no “extra charges”. We find ways to help you cut down on your monthly costs.


  • Penn Records Management purposely quotes all rates per box instead of per cubic ft. so that the client does not need to take out a calculator & multiply all rates by 1.26 in order to know what they are paying for.
  • The monthly invoice states all services performed by work order so that our clients can easily verify the charges. Services are not lumped together by cubic ft so that it is hard to ascertain what is being billed.


  • Penn Records Management offers competitive rates but doesn’t lure clients with a lower cost at the front end of a contract and then charge high rates to destroy boxes at the back end of the contract. Costs are fairly distributed so that you do not experience any “surprises”.
  • There is not a monthly Administrative Fee charged as overhead.
  • There are no hidden “extra” handling fees.


  • There is no charge to drop off or pickup documents from our facilities.
  • Daily UPS/FedEx service is available
  • Customer Review Room available at no extra charge
  • Professional assistance is always available with your records retention needs

Self Storage vs. Penn

Self Storage Units: Cost Efficiency

  • Stacking boxes on the floor without special shelving will incur a minimum monthly storage cost of 42 cents per box.
  • When a rental unit is filled to capacity, another entire unit must be rented, substantially increasing the monthly per box storage cost.

Penn Records: Cost Efficiency

  • Monthly storage costs per standard records storage box are less than 1 penny per day regardless of how many boxes are stored. Only pay for what you need.

Self Storage Units: Service

  • Sending company employees to find boxes/files will cost wages, payroll costs, liability insurance, mileage and lost office productivity time.
  • Employees often need to be coaxed to enter these units which can be hot or cold, dusty and disorganized.
  • Returning files to storage with accuracy is not assured; no electronic record keeping.

Penn Records: Service

  • With a simple phone call, any number of files or boxes requested can be delivered to your office or desktop within hours.
  • Service is charged only on an as-needed basis, eliminating the need for a company to hire additional file clerks or couriers.
  • Returning files are picked up at the customer’s convenience and refiled according to our sophisticated electronic record keeping.

Self Storage Units: Security

  • All unit renters use the same access code to gain entry to the grounds.
  • The materials stored in these units are unknown.
  • Will flammables, flooding or acts of nature cause a safety threat to business records stored?

Penn Records: Security

  • Business records only are stored in company-owned buildings equipped with infrared detectors to prevent unauthorized intrusion; ceiling sprinklers are in place, both armed with 24-hour central station monitoring.
  • All boxes are placed on steel shelving bolted to the concrete floor and engineered to withstand the generally accepted seismic activity in the area.