Two Easy Ways to Request Records Services

Two Easy Ways to Request Services

  1. Call Us: 714/549-0224
  2. E-mail Us:

Please provide the following information:

  • Account Number
  • Name of Company
  • Requestors Name
  • Date

Indicate Services Requested:

  • Delivery of Boxes identified by Barcode #
  • Delivery of Filefolders identified by tab description and barcode of the cartons from which they are to be pulled
  • Pickup of Boxes/Filefolders indicating quantity
  • Delivery of New Material
  • Other Services: Please provide instructions

Download Transmittal Forms


  • Order before 3:30pm for Next Day Delivery
  • Order before 10am for Same Day Delivery
  • Rush Delivery – Within 3 hrs or same day after 10am

Allow 1-3 days delivery for shipments over 15 boxes. For quantities over 50 boxes, allow for 3-5 days delivery.

Two Easy Ways to Request Service